Monday, May 22, 2017

Art in the Park May2017

                                     Renee Bebeau

                        Walker's Point Center for the Arts

                               Karen Williams Brusubardis
                             Alice Wilson- Human Statue

                                      Frank & Bella

                                        LinDen Co


                                        Brian Breider

                                          Cone Dog


                                        Pop Art Pets

                                     Warm Glass Wonder

                                        Orange Pops

                                       Young collector

                                          Orange Pops
                                    Nicole Lilyquist

May 13,2017 kicked off the 4th season of Art in the Park.  Located at the beautiful Humboldt Park, Bayview. I was the proud sponsor for May. It was an incredible warm day (70s). That's warm for may and close to the lake, people!

It's a family as well dog & snake friendly event. ;)  Free admission. Wearable art to art for your home. Bonus - right next to a beer garden.

Brian Breider and girlfriend, Spring created this event 4 years ago. They provided an affordable place for local artists to sell their art.

Happens every 2nd Saturday from May-September.
Click for more info

Friendly Art buying/browsing tips - artists and vendors are hard workers! They put in hours to hone their skills and create their art. Then they pack, haul it, unpack it, set-up it, and sell their hearts out only to repeat and rinse again. ;)  PLEASE do not say "You could do that, Wow, that's pricey, My kid could do that, or Ask for a discount."  What to say  "That's beautiful, What's your process, Do you have a payment plans?"

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