Monday, September 28, 2009

Community High School

I was hired (once again) by Community High School to work with their students on a photo/essay project. I always look forward to working with their students. In fact, I'd say I get pretty excited to be part of any project at CHS. . I can't say enough good things about the school. Here a a few from that day. More to come next week.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Run Bike Run

This past weekend I ran on purpose. My dear friend Lori asked if I'd join her in a duathlon for her birthday. Well, I just couldn't say no it was her BIRTHDAY! As many of you know I heart birthdays! I started training for this with the help of my good friend Laura. Laura was an amazing coach! Lori and I did the Duathlon of Dreams a charity run, bike, run for Works of Mercy. An organization that helps people with special needs. We started off running up hills and down a few for 2 miles. Then hopped on our bikes for a major climb ( right away-ugh! ) then it was just rolling hills(my favorite kind) for 11 miles. Then back to the hilly run for the last 2 miles. I did pretty well I must say for my first race. Even got a medal. Oh right everyone got a medal! Thanks to my parents for cheering us and others on! BIG Thanks to all of my friends for their loving & kind words of encouragement!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lizzy partie deux

Lizzy & Josh are back! Plus a behind the scenes shot of what it took to get it done. Thanks to my lovely assistant Laura for getting this shot!