Monday, May 22, 2017

Art in the Park May2017

                                     Renee Bebeau

                        Walker's Point Center for the Arts

                               Karen Williams Brusubardis
                             Alice Wilson- Human Statue

                                      Frank & Bella

                                        LinDen Co


                                        Brian Breider

                                          Cone Dog


                                        Pop Art Pets

                                     Warm Glass Wonder

                                        Orange Pops

                                       Young collector

                                          Orange Pops
                                    Nicole Lilyquist

May 13,2017 kicked off the 4th season of Art in the Park.  Located at the beautiful Humboldt Park, Bayview. I was the proud sponsor for May. It was an incredible warm day (70s). That's warm for may and close to the lake, people!

It's a family as well dog & snake friendly event. ;)  Free admission. Wearable art to art for your home. Bonus - right next to a beer garden.

Brian Breider and girlfriend, Spring created this event 4 years ago. They provided an affordable place for local artists to sell their art.

Happens every 2nd Saturday from May-September.
Click for more info

Friendly Art buying/browsing tips - artists and vendors are hard workers! They put in hours to hone their skills and create their art. Then they pack, haul it, unpack it, set-up it, and sell their hearts out only to repeat and rinse again. ;)  PLEASE do not say "You could do that, Wow, that's pricey, My kid could do that, or Ask for a discount."  What to say  "That's beautiful, What's your process, Do you have a payment plans?"

Monday, May 15, 2017

G for Graduate!

                       Reality bites- ha! - Burr- a windy cooler day

                      It's that time of year to celebrate grads.

  G and her dad chose a few spots on the East side for her high school senior portrait. I then scouted the area to check the best light for our shoot a week later.

 G was a joy to work with and she even laughed at my silliness (bonus).

Between setting up the shot she wrapped herself in my blanket that's always in the car. Glamour - the price ya pay for a good photo. :)

Wishing G all the best in college this coming year and years to come.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Shodo happy little Cockapoo

"Shodo is a happy little cockapoo, about 22 lbs with a really cool swirly black, white and gray coat and an almost always wagging tail.  He came into my life from a rescue org about 11 years ago (he's a little over 13 now) and introduced me to John via manners class at the HS.  Little S has been an adventure dog most of his life, but we now do mostly short walks because he has heart issues.  He loves treat toys, smelling things, watching the neighborhood from our couch, sleeping under the bed, running laps around the house when we get home, saying hi to neighbors and neighbor dogs, playing hide and seek with treats and stealing socks.  He doesn't seem into toys/squeakers for more than a minute anymore and he's not a fan of the car."

This is what was shared with me when emailing back and forth, to Kelley, the co-parent. I love to know these tidbits about your beloveds. 
Shodo was a joy the minute I was walked through the front door. Plus, his parents weren't so bad either. ;)