Monday, August 28, 2017

Who's a Good Dog? Why you are, Bailey!

Happy Belated National Dog Day!  Every day is dog in my world. Ha!

Meet Bailey, he's a sweet dog with a ton o energy!  His parents told me that he likes people but not too keen on other dogs. My challenge was to find an open area that he could play and chase a ball. I like challenges. I found a great spot, which was near but not close to other dogs.

* A little PSA here- if you know your dog is not friendly with others it's wise to warn others. While on our shoot, a dog came running towards us, and the owners yelled "Don't worry, our dog is friendly."  I shouted back "But this dog is not!" Thankfully, they reacted quickly and their dog came running back to them without any issues. Just because you think your dog is normally friendly, others may not be.

Besides that little hiccup, Bailey was a joy to photograph along with his sweet parents.