Monday, June 24, 2013

Signs of Seattle

 This place is a hoot! It reminded me of our American Science & Surplus.

  Best handcrafted salted carmel ice cream made by a dog! :)
Yes, the Milwaukee,WI owners have a Fuel cafe (a few ) in Seattle. Nice!

I noticed while walking around the downtown and different neighborhoods, Seattle prides itself on cool , funky & fun designed signs.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Birthday trip- Look out Seattle!

                     My buddy Mark
                   My new pug friend, he didn't tell me his name
My dear friend Anjl and I on a ferry, Seattle in the background
                    Birthday breakfast
                       First ever Starbucks and their logo
           The current logo-wow so different and one on every block!
                This is a wall of Vodka - my kind of drink
          The less photographed Public Market sign

I decided I needed a much needed vacation to visit my dear friend, Anjl out in Seattle. She lives in a cool apartment complex filled with artists. There is art on every wall, in every hallway. How cool is that? A few mornings I was out on a patio with my coffee and computer. I had the patio to myself. It was divine!
On the way to Seattle, I bumped into my photographer friend Mark. He was on the same flight to MN. So we celebrated his birthday and mine. Then off we went to different locations.
I started my birthday off at a cute coffee shop, Cherry Street Coffee House,  and walked around making photos of the city. Anjl, is a talented graphic designer,artist, comedian,and musician, and needed to work a bit.
I couldn't resist taking a photo of the original Starbucks. Ya can't swing a coffee cup without hitting one! Seriously, they are all over the place, like our bars here (one on every corner).
Anjl was an amazing tour guide! I had 7 fun filled/packed days of exploring Seattle and the surrounding areas.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Keeping my Eyes Peeled


While out and about.....
The first image was shot through my windshield on a rainy day (not Photoshopped).

Another art opening and show that I'll be in.
 It's a group show of more then 20 artists.

 "In Your Face" put on by the group The Martini Girls
June 14th 6pm - close
Runs through July 18th.
722 E. Burleigh St.