Monday, August 26, 2013

HEY! It's National Dog Day!



                            Just chillin' together

Meet Gabby and Mac, buddies and neighbors, only 14 floors separate them. They are city dwellers but do love the park outside their building.

Hey! It's National Dog Day! There's a link and everything, so it must be true!

Need a sweet & playful k9 greeting card? Now you can buy them at Fair Trade for All, Lela Boutique, Frill, The Outpost (Bayview) Samara Garden & Gifts, and My Table gallery.  Or directly from moi.

Also, the Annual Member's show at Walker's Point Center for the Arts opening is 9-6 from 5-9pm. Yep, I'm in it once again. Runs through Oct. 5th.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Early mornings, beauty, and funny names.....

This past month I was busy exploring/scouting in the Green Bay and Spring Green areas for TV shoots.  I went through countless small towns (LOVE). Spring Green blew me away with the beauty of the rolling hills and farm land.
Titletown or as I like to call it Tinseltown ( ha ha- who knows ) lives up to it's reputation as a place for die hard Packer fans. I loved all the quirk and crazy there.
I'm so blessed to do what I love to do and get paid for it.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Sam, the employee of all time at Lela Boutique

               Sam outside the shop checking out the scene
 Meet Sam. He's the greeter at the glamorous and funky-fun ladies shop, Lela Boutique, in the Third Ward. He also paw selected some of his favorite k9 greeting cards of mine.

Shop by for the latest fashions and a greeting card or two!
Happy 10 years Lela!

Monday, August 5, 2013


Hello my name is Remington, Remie for short. I like to lick faces and play ball.