Monday, September 28, 2015

The Lavender Leash

Back in early Spring Jennifer Bartolotta reached out to me to ask if I'd be interested in meeting to talk over her new business idea about dogs. YES PLEASE! We met and it was one of the most inspiring and fun meetings I've ever had in a long time. If you have ever met Jennifer you no doubt couldn't help but be uplifted.

Her new venture is The Lavender Leash, a high quality subscription( bi-monthly) to dog owners (med-large) of local dog products and goods delivered to your doorstep.

We talked about the look she wanted for her website and I threw out photographing at one their beautiful restaurants.  Posh dog products = posh setting. You may recognize this one- Bacchus.

Having worked with dogs and kids over the years, I know all too well that the shoot is in their control and that things happen that you can't anticipate. In my mind, I thought sure we'll have the four sweet golden retrievers (Bubba, Rufus, Sophie, Izzy) just sit and stay with Joe and Jennifer on each end. HA! Right! The 3 dogs were in the booth-kinda, and Izzy was the last to the table. She Jumped UP ONTO THE TABLE much to all of our surprise. We all just laughed and rolled with it.

EXCITED!  In the first subscription box, five of my dog postcards will be alongside other Milwaukee locals.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Wisconsin Foodie

This is another from my personal portrait series.

You might recognize this mug if you watch Wisconsin Foodie, on PBS. Kyle Cherek is the host.

How the heck did this happen?
I've known Kyle for years, and had said to him one day when I bumped into him at the Milwaukee Public Market,  it's weird that  we've never done a photo shoot. I thought cheese balls would be a fun & wacky "food" to create a sculpture of and so I came up with this concept. And Kyle being  Kyle brought his energy to it. Ta da!