Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Oh Baby!

I met Rebecca & Taylor back around 2007 when I photographed them and their pup, Stewart in their first apartment together. A lot has changed since then. They got married. Got pregnant and bought a house. So much love and fun in one little family. I photographed baby Sylvan at the ripe old age of  1 month-ish. What a joy that sweet boy has added to their lives. It was yet another fun and playful photo shoot. Also, little known fact only by Stewart, Taylor has a lick-able head! Ha!

Monday, December 12, 2016

An Afternoon of Fetch, More Fetching, and Tasty Treats

Jeannine and I exchanged emails filled with laughs, stories, and fun facts about their dogs, Middie (lab) and Tony/Stone ( coon mix). I was excited to meet them all. We had a beautiful fall day to capture Andy (man pictured ) playing "rake" with Stone, a game of chase with a um a rake. Trust me it was fun to watch.  Middie was all about fetch in the water and on land. After the shoot, I received the sweetest text thanking me for the fun photo shoot,etc. Also, some dog licks from Stone as a thank you.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Santa Cycle Rampage 2016 or bust!

                    My Pippi Longstocking like pigtails.
                    They stand up on their own-magical!

  OMG my photo of the MADACC dogs that helped raised $$ is on the      Pabst Theater building!

River Walk Trail off of Water St. runs from the Third Ward through North of Downtown. Sweet ride!

Fueling up the Santas for the ride home. Photo credits Suzelle & yours truly  :)

This was my third Santa Rampage. Second with my pal Suzelle. This year was a bit cooler temp wise but fun as heck with lots of laughs and some coffee/good eats. For other Santas they get their drink on at local pubs/restaurants in Bayview, Walker's Point, Wauwatosa, Eats Side, and the South Side. Between 1,000- 2,500 is estimated since not all Santas register (naughty - now on the list!).

Next year YOU should join me!


Monday, November 28, 2016

15 Minutes with Dr. Marcelle Polednik

I was hired by M Magazine to photograph the new director, Dr. Marcelle Polednik ( fun, interesting, warm) of the Milwaukee Art Museum. We had a lively conversation and she played along with my silliness of a photo bomb from Laura, who works for MAM. I'm excited to see what she all does for MAM.

Read more about her in the December issue of M. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Riverside + MADACC = a worthy FUNraiser

             Thank you Andi for the behind the scenes photos
I mean we're ON Stage at the RIVERSIDE! Andi & I.

I was asked to be a part of this great FUNraiser for MADACC-  Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Center.
The 1927 seats were taken out this summer and are now being auctioned off.

I had too much fun with all the wonderful dogs from the shelter, a few kittens too. It took a village to make it all happen. BIG THANKS to Gary and his helpful staff to pull this off. My talented and cool as a cucumber photo assistant Andi Loppnow. All the dog and kitten wranglers from MADACC. Special thanks to Lydia Jarvis for her magic touch with all of my images and making the final image beautiful!

Update $32,085.00 was raised and donated to MADACC!

Here's where you bid for your seats.

We got coverage on TMJ4. See the behind the scenes here. You can hear me laugh here as well. :)

More about who MADACC is and ways to get invloved.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Wisconsin Pet Care

                                            Lori & Bit


I had the great pleasure to photograph Lori Mendelsohn Thomas, owner of Wisconsin Pet Care and some of her friendly staff. They provide in home care that makes dog tail's wag and kittens purr. Woof, woof and Meoooooooow!

Need a weekend away or day to day care for your beloveds? Check them out here. Professional and friendly service.

Monday, November 7, 2016

This kid rocks...no really

She drums and spends time Irish dancing. This was the first time I met Elizabeth for her high school senior photos and felt like we were well matched. I geeked out when her mom, told me she'd like to have her photos taken in the Black Cat Alley,which is an alley filled with art on the East Side of Milwaukee. Thank you Elizabeth and Kerry for hanging out in the cooler temps that day and having coffee after.

More about the art here. It's a must see in person. I did not capture ALL of the murals in and around the alley.