Monday, July 23, 2012


This is David. A soft spoken, highly intelligent young man. He was a tough one to get a smile from, but boy, when he did what a difference! Now, I'm all about being who you are in front of the lens, but a smile here & there sure is swell!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sweetness in the Kitchen!

I thought of this sweet little mug of Annie, whom I had photographed years ago, would be the perfect compliment to this vintage apron. It's in the show "Vintage 2012" (show ends 7-31).  Even though it's a simple process, I did do a test run first. I took a photo copy, painted on gel medium, added time and patience = presto! a sweet art piece.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Tucker, Owen, and Blue

I'm a lucky gal, in that, I get to run around with dogs and kids and call it work! My dear friend, Angie hired me to photograph her sister and brother-in law's dogs. Tucker (black k9) LOVED I mean LOVED playing in his pool. Owen ( with the  Elvis - curled lip)  ran circles around me! Blue (lil one) had lots of energy and talked to me constantly. These three were sweet, wonderful, and tuckered me out! At the end of the shoot, I sat with the grown-ups and enjoyed banter and great food.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sebastian - one bad ass poodle

                              Vintage 2012 show goes 'til July 31st.

I was invited to part of a group art show titled, Vintage 2012. The idea was to mix something old with something new. I decided to go with 3 pieces. This is one of them. I put a call out to show type poodles. And in a funny twist, I ended up with Sebastian the punker poodle! His groomer and part time dog owner- Erin Boyle so kindly brought him over after her work day. Sebastian was one of the most laid back dogs I have ever met! I set-up this bright blue back drop in my apartment. I don't normally shoot with backdrops, but I wanted Sebastian's Mohawk to be the center of attention. I love the finished piece with the fancy poodle statues.

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