Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mama Bear & Her Cupcake-Making Cubs

Julie, mama bear, and I thought it would be fun to photograph her kiddos in the kitchen with her while they made tasty cupcakes. I can honestly say, it was a real treat (ha) to photograph these cutie pies. Both Anna and Claire liked playing photographer and brought out their "cameras" during the shoot. So cute. After I left, I was told they also played with their "photo umbrellas." They even asked when I'd be back to play. I take that as a huge compliment. I'm be back Julie, you've been warned! ;)

It just so happens that Julie knows a thing or two about sweet. She created the business Indulgence Chocolatiers.
No mass production, no artificial preservatives, high quality ingredients handcrafted into artisan confections in both classic and unique combinations.

A personal favorite of mine (hint hint- my birthday is coming up!) can be found at their shops in Wauwatosa, Shorewood, and/or Walker's Point. The Tosa shop has Purple Door Ice cream (scream- another fav!) Walker's Point has a chocolate pairings - wine or beer. Hungry yet?

Where to find these tasty treats? Locally here and there.


Monday, April 18, 2016

Pottery by Jessie

                     All images shot by Stephanie Bartz Photography

I think Jessie's pottery truly speaks for itself. That said, in person you can see the richness of the colors, and the unique designs that fit well in your hand and on your table.

It was a fun work day arranging these beautiful pieces with Jessie in her gorgeous home. We laughed a lot while we worked. And snacked. The joys of working with other creatives, I'm fortunate that way.

Whenever I buy art, whether it's  wearable, usable, and/or art for display, I like knowing a bit about the artist, what drives them, their personality, since it will be with me for a long time.

In Jessie's words:

"I'm a potter who truly has a passion for what I do. I create decorative and functional handmade ceramics from high fire white stoneware that is meant to be used for entertaining and daily use. I hand-built and wheel thrown my pieces for a unique movement and design to my pieces. I fire in an electric kiln to cone 6, and use both hand-brushed and spray glaze applications.

I love knowing that I am creating and selling things to people that make them happy....that make their meals and entertaining something special...it allows me to do something that fulfills me and provides for my family.
Every day I strap on my big work boots and whether I'm creating dishes for a restaurant or canisters for a home...It's always something amazing that I am blessed to be doing."

Buy her pottery on Etsy and around town.




Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Happy at Home Veterinary Care

Meet Rebecca Feiring. She's a sweetheart who's ready to care for your beloved dog or cat with in home care.  I'm thrilled for Rebecca, who's following her dreams and has opened her own business, Happy at Home Veterinary Care.

She provides low- stress, in home care in the greater Milwaukee area.
Her focus is providing high-quality, individualized care in a comfortable and relaxed setting. She specializes in shy and anxious pets that be maybe stressed in a conventional clinical setting, and provides extended appointment times to ensure a personalized visit tailored to meet the needs of yourself and your pet.

Examinations, vaccinations and titers,basic diagnostics, behavioral consults, and palliative medicine are offered as part of her comprehensive service.

Models: Sheba - sweet Sheba, rest in peace.
and Zorro- the kitty that made the shoot fun/funny. Those cats sure are the boss of the shoot! ha

More about Rebecca, her services, and background.