Monday, July 28, 2014


                                  Photo bombed by mom

Once again, I'm reminded how cool, wonderful, and promising the next generation is.
Meet Steve. He's into wrestling, football, running, and rugby, so don't mess! Kidding! He struck me as a kind soul after a few conversations. Plus, he had helped with a kids football camp grades 1-4. Very cool.

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414 453 2060

Photo Credit Mom AKA photo bomber! " Camerayoga. Warrioress pose.  Photo Stance"

Monday, July 21, 2014

Goooooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning!

Warning - eating too many donuts at one time might send ya into a sugar rush than crash!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Janet Halfmann has a way with words

                   "Floofing" hair & photo assistant, the lovely Laura

                        Beauty pageant ready!
    Good Night, Little Sea Otter... Eggs 1 2 3 Who Will the babies Be?...Fur and Feathers...
Home in the Cave...Star of the Sea...Seven Miles to Freedom

I photographed Janet Halfmann who's been a children's book author for more then 20 years! I also know her as my friend Laura's mom. She's a warm, friendly, gifted storyteller, and mom/wife who makes gluten free goodies for her daughter, Laura. Janet has 3 other children(grown) and they are kinda OK too. ;)
Oh and did I mention? Janet  has a great sense of humor, which I think is obvious in some of these photos.
Thanks to Janet and Laura for making my job fun & easy!

Find out more about Janet and her work, which is inspiring, what drives her, and books you can purchase here.

Her latest book "Animal Teachers" will be out  in August of this year.

And lastly BIG thanks to my friend Betsy for the use of her beautiful yard!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Art Day Collective

                  My art

                Laura and her art

                      Rox and her art

After all these years of hanging with my wildly talented artist besties, we, I mean they came up with the brilliant idea of getting together once a month for a day of art making. We've all said at one time or another, why hadn't we done this sooner?  Honestly, it is one of my best days in a month, hanging with my friends Roxane, and Laura. All I know is, it's a day of play, laughing, good eats, more laughs, deep and light talks, and oh yea the art! What's cool is we're even selling our art goodies at a park in Bayview. Greeting cards, art for your walls, coasters, and PIXessories!
It's called Art Day in the Park.

It's at this sweet park called-
Zillman Park2168 S Kinnickinnic AveMilwaukee, WI 53207
Saturday July 12th, 11am-3pm. 

The art is best seen in person, the photos do not do the art justice.
Here's my link to some of my other art goodies-

Hope to see you there this Saturday!