Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lost Valley Cider Co.

A local watering hole, Lost Valley Cider Co.- for hard cider connoisseur, um YUM! Before going here for an assignment for M Magazine, I only drank hard cider here and there. I never knew how smooth this drink could/can be.

I also love that it's a family run business, Stuart & Chandra Rudolph,are father & daughter.

"Everyone has a 'lost valley' ... kind of their like Shangri La," says Stuart as we chat about the concept behind the name for Lost Valley, which was inspired by family travels.
"When my dad was growing up he would visit his grandparents' farm in Massachusetts," Chandra explains. "They always referred to the area as as the 'lost valley.' Years later, when we would take hiking trips out west as a family, we always called them lost valley expeditions.'"
Stuart adds: "The name really attempts to capture our natural propensity for adventure and exploration. And that's really what we do here, encouraging the collaborative exploration of ciders from around the world."
The space, in turn, reflects that sense of adventure. A wooden map on the wall sits above a corner lounge on the west end of the bar.

Check it out it's close to the Iron Horse Hotel in Walker's Point. 

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