Monday, May 2, 2016

Bees, Owls, Piggies, Sheep, and Robots OH MY!

                Diggity the Robot is shown as the design only

This is Daniel 26 toes sporting the Diggity Onesie 9 month. All the cool cats are wearing them.

I started linocuts back in 2014 for the fun of it. They are all my own designs starting taking pencil to paper, then transferring them onto linoleum and carving my heart out.

 These make for great gifts that come in 6 & 9 month onesies, toddler 2/3 size, and kitchen towels. I also print onto adult sized tees. This is a sampling of what I have. I'm more then happy to print on any t- shirt you own (cotton is best).

Onesies- $18
Toddler - $18
Kitchen towels $10
Print fee only $10

Interested in buying one or more?
 414 640 7976

FYI- my designs also look fun on cats & dogs!

Also, I made this sweet list of local goodies- just in time to celebrate your mom!

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