Monday, December 8, 2014

Santa Rampage 2014

          Trying my best to photobomb

            Suzanne and Father Time

            Two Santas and a PBR
           Santa taking a smoke break
             My friend Suzanne and I
              Da boys I work with
                     A Christmas Story

                      bike parking
               Snow & Heat Miser

This is the Santa Rampage( unofficial ride since 2000)  where Santas on bikes start at 3 different locations in the Milwaukee area. Wauwatosa, East side, and Bayview. I've been wanting to do this ride forever. And this was the year! My friend Suzanne and I put on our best Santa wear and rode from Tosa to the first stop Lakefront Brewery. Yes, technically that is a tree skirt I'm wearing around my neck.Was it cold you ask? Umm YES it's winter outside sillies! ;) Some parts of me felt the crisp cool air but after a while you get so caught up in the silliness you forget your face is frozen in a smile.  Otherwise, it was one of the most fun times on my bike I've ever had. How can you not smile and laugh when people are wearing such silly, creative, and fun costumes? This event is a photographer's dream. Suzanne(also a shutterbug)  and I were both torn as to whether to ride it in vs to document it with our good cameras. Our conclusion do the ride, take some snapshots.
Maybe next year you'll join us?

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