Monday, December 15, 2014

Bella travels

                                  All packed!
                                   Excited for my trip!
                                        Sit Bella sit.

Bella. Meet this sweet pea- she's a Terrier/Chihuahua mix, possibility a border terrier.

"Her favorite colors are pink and green. We can tell as her favorite toys are her green monster, pink elephant, pink dinosaur and green snake. She's a big fan of snuggling, licking people directly on the lips, belly rubs, peanut butter, and any/all squeaky toys. If it doesn't squeak, she's not interested.  She's not a huge fan of car rides.  She doesn't sit down in the car unless she is on a plush blanket or someone's lap. She will stand and balance until the trip is over. She also seems a bit too scared to put her head out the window, but she stands close enough to still catch some of the outdoor smells.  She loves going to events with people and kids. She is a great dog around other people, meanwhile, she is still trying to get 100% comfortable around other dogs. This summer she did a number of exciting things- attended Fido Fest at Hart Park, went camping and hiking at Devils Lake, WI and went on a number of long hikes and walks around the city of Milwaukee. Taking Bella out for a walk is like being out with a celebrity, everyone stops and gawks and wants to pet her- and she loves every minute of it."

Sometimes you need a dog trainer on set to help you get the k9 to look or sit a certain way. Laura Holder, is your gal for that! You may recognize the name since I highlighted her on my Photo Monday not too long ago. As you can see she has fun with her job!

Also, in need of a unique gift? How about a photo session and/or a PIXessory?
414 453 2060

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