Monday, July 14, 2014

Janet Halfmann has a way with words

                   "Floofing" hair & photo assistant, the lovely Laura

                        Beauty pageant ready!
    Good Night, Little Sea Otter... Eggs 1 2 3 Who Will the babies Be?...Fur and Feathers...
Home in the Cave...Star of the Sea...Seven Miles to Freedom

I photographed Janet Halfmann who's been a children's book author for more then 20 years! I also know her as my friend Laura's mom. She's a warm, friendly, gifted storyteller, and mom/wife who makes gluten free goodies for her daughter, Laura. Janet has 3 other children(grown) and they are kinda OK too. ;)
Oh and did I mention? Janet  has a great sense of humor, which I think is obvious in some of these photos.
Thanks to Janet and Laura for making my job fun & easy!

Find out more about Janet and her work, which is inspiring, what drives her, and books you can purchase here.

Her latest book "Animal Teachers" will be out  in August of this year.

And lastly BIG thanks to my friend Betsy for the use of her beautiful yard!


  1. Beautiful work ladies

  2. Thanks so much for the great photo shoot and fun write-up! It was a delight all the way around!