Monday, May 19, 2014

Your drink will thank you for the beauty!

                 Awwww your sweet peas on a coaster!

               Your cutie pie on a coaster! Can ya stand it?!

 I'm pleased as punch to now offer photo coasters! By now you should know I love collaborating with other artists/friends. Here's where my talented friend Leslie Phillips comes in. I provide the photos, she creates the one of a kind coaster = a masterpiece for your beverage (hot or cold).

The possibilities are endless here people! It's almost a shame to put a drink on these beauties!

How can I get my beloveds on a beautiful glossy totally durable coaster you ask?
#1. Set up a photo shoot with me
#2. Select photos from your shoot.
#3. Be patient while the art process happens- about 2-3 week turn-around -time.

Check out Leslie's colorful & happy art goodies here. Total eye candy- you'll see.

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