Monday, May 12, 2014

Location scouting 101


As some of you may know, half of my Stephanie Bartz Photography business is location scouting. That basically means I search for the right look or location that a director/photographer needs.
I LOVE scouting because 1. I meet all sorts of folks 2. I get a glimpse inside their world - home/business. 3. I get paid to drive around this beautiful state!
It has it's share of stress and long hours, sometimes up to 16 hour days! Plus I scout in rain, bitter cold, snow, hot humid days...come to think of it I'm like the postal service.
Sometimes if it makes sense I scout on my bike (another joy of mine).  Sometimes if I time it just right, good eats too. I have scouted from golf carts, speed boats, ATVs, and monster like trucks! Good times!

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