Monday, December 16, 2013

Molly's Mug

                           PIXessory  25mm sterling silver ring
                        Awwwww just a puppy here

Sweet, sweet Molly. I love this quirky little pup! She's my parent's facewasher. Molly is mini goldendoodle and you may have seen her on my blog before (she's blog worthy!).

I recently had a PIXessory made of her in a 25mm ring setting. It's a beauty and a conversation starter for sure!
Looking for that last minute gift? How about a PIXessory of your kid(s) or k-9? Contact me directly for a gift card.Then after the holidays we'll start the ball rolling by setting up a photo shoot. And the next thing ya know you're sporting a beautiful keepsake called a PIXessory!

I handle the photo shoot then hand off the photo gem to Sarah Mann of Mann Studio to create the setting for the PIXessory. 414 453 2060

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