Monday, January 28, 2013

Pushing Paint

                            Getting started
                          Jillian, master blender!
                               Getting there
                               Done! Sort of....

                  My self portrait-still in the works
                  My friend Lila's master piece

I spent 2 fun filled hours pushing paint with my friend, Jillian, on a Sunday afternoon at Arte (Wauwatosa). I haven't really had instruction on painting before, so the artist leading us was very helpful. At some point I felt a little frustrated, but then chilled out, laughed with others and continued to push paint around! I'm pretty happy with how mine turned out. There are a few areas I'd like to blend in a little more.
Two weeks ago, I was there with my friend, Lila, as background to Fox6now, Wake Up (very early morning!) news segment. Thinking what the heck, painting with a friend, so near my place, why not? Plus, I thought, I'd be another nameless face in the background! Ha! I was, until they came around to interview our table. See clip below, to find out about my inspiration.

My 15 minutes of Fame!

Arte Wine and Painting Studio-

Jillian Imilkowski is the founder of the kick a$$ biking group- The Bella Donnas
Milwaukee’s premier all-girl,non-competitive cycling group.  Are a social, mentoring and motivational group of road and mountain bikers who work together to get girls on their bikes and having fun!

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  1. Stef, your adventurous and playful spirit shines through in your blogs ~ always an enjoyable read. Keep on keeping on.