Monday, October 22, 2012

Beamer, Susan & Danny sweet times 3!

This was a beautiful sunny fall day, to spend "working" with my dear friends Susan, Danny and their sweet pup Beamer. These two were so relaxed which made my job super easy. Beamer was such a good boy, not diving in after the ducks swimming in the pond. Geez, what was I thinking when I scouted that location? To be fair there weren't any birds of any kind near or in that pond!

I was fortunate enough to meet Susan years ago through art. She  hired me to do her head shot for MARN's Art Treasure Hunt event we were both in. She's a sweetheart and we became fast friends. Danny too is a sweet guy. Beamer well, he's just too adorable for words. His whole body wiggles when he greets me. Sweetness all around!

The bubble photo (top photo) I asked Susan to explain to me about the bubbles Beamer creates. "When I go to the bank he starts blowing bubbles when I pull up to the drive through."

Susan's an incredibly talented illustrator. Check out her art here.
You can see by her stye, you just know Susan has a big heart. 

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