Monday, April 18, 2011

.......Stop Collaborate and listen.......

Coaster Art

WIP group art piece
Last week, I collaborated on two separate occasions with friends, making art just for the fun of it. The top 3 images were done by good friends Laura, Roxane and of course myself. Once we worked our coaster to a point we'd give it to another to play with.

The larger piece below was done by Nancy, K.Lee, Nan, Sarah and myself. We call ourselves WIP. Works in Progress. This art group gets together once a month and does little art projects, talks art, and is an all around supportive art group. It's a great group of talented artists and wonderful women, whom I've gotten to know over the last 8-9 years(?). Our group members have changed over the years which has been fun too. The assignment for next month is to take the piece we were given and make a new art piece out of it. That should be fun to see.

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