Monday, December 5, 2016

Santa Cycle Rampage 2016 or bust!

                    My Pippi Longstocking like pigtails.
                    They stand up on their own-magical!

  OMG my photo of the MADACC dogs that helped raised $$ is on the      Pabst Theater building!

River Walk Trail off of Water St. runs from the Third Ward through North of Downtown. Sweet ride!

Fueling up the Santas for the ride home. Photo credits Suzelle & yours truly  :)

This was my third Santa Rampage. Second with my pal Suzelle. This year was a bit cooler temp wise but fun as heck with lots of laughs and some coffee/good eats. For other Santas they get their drink on at local pubs/restaurants in Bayview, Walker's Point, Wauwatosa, Eats Side, and the South Side. Between 1,000- 2,500 is estimated since not all Santas register (naughty - now on the list!).

Next year YOU should join me!

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