Monday, June 6, 2016

Shine Your Light

   All images copyright of Sue Keely- for the sake of your karma do not steal them

These images make my heart happy. I met Sue years ago and did a portrait of her and her at work as a Graphic recorder and a certified SHIFT IT coach.

She has a fun work shop coming up, June 12th. 

Sue's words.
What I know is that we all need to play more. This three hour workshop is designed to allow you the space to relax, play, experiment and have fun with paint! (so wear clothes you don't mind getting paint on, or bring an apron) 
The finished product will be a 16"x20" painting. For the sake of time, you'll paint your version of one of three or four examples I'll share, and you will make it uniquely your own. It's all about the PROCESS rather than the end result, so even if you think you "can't draw a straight line" or some other little lie you hear in your head about art, rest assured it isn't true. You ARE an artist in every aspect of your life. 

Find out more here.

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