Monday, October 13, 2014

Santa Fe

            View from the back porch

          Breaking Bad Bridge
                        International Folk Art Museum

             Bandelier National Monument Trails

 Breaking Bad Bridge
The family- Bill, Kathy,Judy, Chuck, Randy,and Kris before another fantastic meal on the ranch

I was given an unexpected and very generous opportunity to visit/stay/play in  September, with my friend Kris's parents- Kathy & Bill and their friends Judy & Chuck at an incredible adobe house in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

It was perfect weather for art seeing, there is sooooooooooooooo much art there, plus cool funky boutiques and shops, and hiking, this gal was not bored one bit. Plus the company was beyond great. We had a lot of laughs and early morning talks out on the porch with our morning coffee. The views from that back porch was magnificent!

We did eat out but the  best meals were back at the ranch, no kidding, Kris is a trained chef and has always been adventurous and gifted in the cooking department. I have been on the receiving end of such meals more times than I can count!

I loved the show Breaking Bad and to find out we were ONLY a 1/2 mile away from a scene blew my mind. Bill, Kathy, Judy and I went one late afternoon to find this bridge. I was not really convinced it was "the Bridge" until we got back and looked it up. Sure enough that was the one! To say I was geeked was an understatement.  Of course, we did a group shot there as well as I used the bridge for the background when taking photos of each couple for their Christmas card. Ha! What a hoot!

Hiking. I loves me some hiking. I do not loves me some heights. Funny, since those both usually go hand in hand. We ended up at a place called Bandelier National Monument Trails. When we got there that is when I found out they had ladders a s part of the hike! GULP! Let's just say I showed those ladders who was boss! Seriously, one of my favorite hikes to date.

Folk Art- who's with me? I really enjoyed seeing the International Folk Art Museum. Eye candy for the soul.

In the end, it is the people you keep company with that can make or break an experience. :)

Breaking Bad bridge scene-
 behind the scenes -


Folk Art

Funky/artsy  little town- Madrid


  1. Nicely shot, nicely written, just overall, really nice(ly). Looks and sounds like it was a fabulous trip.

  2. thanks for sharing. looks awesome. NM is definitely on the list of places I'd like to see someday. thanks again for sharing. xo