Monday, September 8, 2014

Starring Joan Kennedy

I met Joan Kennedy this past year at a board meeting for WDCC -Wisconsin Designer Crafts Council.Yep, that's right I'm now on a board and all grown-up. :)

Back to Joan and her beautiful fiber functional art.

"The shapes and motifs in my work have long been inspired by nature, but I also explore shapes from the urban landscape; celebrating both and contemplating spaces where nature and the man made world intersect and compete with each other.  I incorporate industrial metal pieces into my work celebrating the creativity and hard work embodied in Milwaukee's manufacturing tradition."

See her gorgeous art here-!collection-1

I enjoyed what Joan brought to the photo shoot, her playfulness and trust to create some beautiful images. Before the shoot, we talked about what type of location she was looking for to best represent her style of art. We combined nature with an industrial touch ( fence with ivy ).

Wanna know more about WDCC and join us if you're a fine art craft person?

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