Monday, January 13, 2014

2 Dames and a Diva

                           photo credit Laura Halfmann

                             after the shoot-way more relaxed
                                Fran the Diva - 83 years young

My dear friend, Laura, is a doll as you can see, both inside and out. We spent a hour or so posing and hamming it up for the camera in preparation of putting our fine selves online to date.  

It's a New Year - so what the heck, we're throwing it out to the universe. 

Honestly we were both a little nervous before the shoot, and while in the bathroom changing this colorful woman, Fran appeared. It's like she was the reminder we both needed to stop worrying about people judging us, and to just be ourselves and have fun! 

Something about her made us realize that when you are truly yourself, your natural brilliance radiates!

It was also a great exercise for me being in front of the camera again. It was nerve racking but if you have good energy coming from the person sticking the camera in your face, it sure helps to put you at ease.

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