Monday, October 14, 2013

Man Vs George

A collaboration piece

               A few samples of their joyful greeting cards
                  photo credit:Stephanie Bartz Photography
Meet the highly talented duo,Tilney & Ryan of Man Vs George, also friends of mine.
I met these two a few years back(?) at a Buy Local event, which made the event even that more fun and wonderful.

The first image(s) above are a collaboration of my photography + Ryan's creativity = a fun, one of a kind art piece. Need a creative invitation, thank-you, getting hitched, baby on the way, new puppy, my new digs, etc. kind of card or photo? Hire us! Seriously. We'd love to work with you. 

Back to MVG.
"I am a full service graphic designer and I do all things design oriented, including websites, illustrations, ads, posters, invitations, etc. Til consults on the designs, does coding for websites, helps me with shows, promotes us online, and is my muse."
What I know is they work hard and create fun, witty,and sweet greeting cards and posters. They are in local shops as well as in 65 stores internationally. There cards will soon be in a Colectivo coffee shop.

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