Monday, August 26, 2013

HEY! It's National Dog Day!



                            Just chillin' together

Meet Gabby and Mac, buddies and neighbors, only 14 floors separate them. They are city dwellers but do love the park outside their building.

Hey! It's National Dog Day! There's a link and everything, so it must be true!

Need a sweet & playful k9 greeting card? Now you can buy them at Fair Trade for All, Lela Boutique, Frill, The Outpost (Bayview) Samara Garden & Gifts, and My Table gallery.  Or directly from moi.

Also, the Annual Member's show at Walker's Point Center for the Arts opening is 9-6 from 5-9pm. Yep, I'm in it once again. Runs through Oct. 5th.

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