Monday, April 15, 2013

"In Your face"

                               Donny, my lovely photo assistant

                      My Glamour shot pose minus the feathers

                          finished piece with words

 I've been invited to be in an art show  "In Your Face." I thought, I best get going on my self portraits this past weekend,  since the show's in June!  I  started to monkey around  with one of these images. Time flew by while creating my art piece.  I LOVE how art works that way. 
Also, it's good to get in front of the camera, from time to time, to get a better understanding of how my subjects feel.

It's such an honor to be asked to be in a show of talented and diverse group of artists.

June 14th-July 18th @ the Art Bar- Put on by the Martini Girls

 This is a really powerful video by Dove. It just goes to show how women are so hard on themselves.

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