Monday, December 10, 2012

Hope Springs Pet Beds


                                             T helping out
Sam discusses the process               
                               Archibald over-seeing the sewing
                                        Archibald warming my lap

 I met Therese years back when she hired me to photograph her sweet family, greyhounds Sam and Essie, the lead dog - Archibald(kitty).

We had a blast then. You can not not like her. She's got such great energy and so fun to be around.

This is her newest venture that she does on the side (for now) when she's not working at Children's hospital or volunteering. 

Hope Springs Pet Beds-
We create high quality hand-crafted pet beds that dogs and cats love, and we are proud to be a small business that supports local adoption groups through promotion and donation.
 At Hope Springs, we have two goals: our first is to create a high quality, hand-crafted pet bed that is loved by both pets and their humans; and the second is to support local rescue and adoption organizations through promotion and donation.
 Our most popular product is the CuddleBed. We offer custom crafted beds, quotes can be requested at our website

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