Monday, July 2, 2012

Sebastian - one bad ass poodle

                              Vintage 2012 show goes 'til July 31st.

I was invited to part of a group art show titled, Vintage 2012. The idea was to mix something old with something new. I decided to go with 3 pieces. This is one of them. I put a call out to show type poodles. And in a funny twist, I ended up with Sebastian the punker poodle! His groomer and part time dog owner- Erin Boyle so kindly brought him over after her work day. Sebastian was one of the most laid back dogs I have ever met! I set-up this bright blue back drop in my apartment. I don't normally shoot with backdrops, but I wanted Sebastian's Mohawk to be the center of attention. I love the finished piece with the fancy poodle statues.

James Steeno Gallery
5700 w. Vliet St., MKE
 920- 639-1040

Madra Pet Styling
1930 E. Park Place

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