Monday, May 28, 2012

Beer + Art = Brenner Brewery

This is Mike Brenner, an all around good guy, who's helped promote and support artists, is active in the art community, and loves beer. That was a little lame version of ALL that he has done and continues to do in the community.

Mike's starting up a brewery, but still could use your help!

 The Brenner Brewing Company is a brewery-in-planning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It all started on a sunny spring morning four years ago while homebrewing a batch of beer in front of my art gallery, Hotcakes. I realized that for 8 years people had been coming to my arts events for the beer in the keg more than the art on the walls. Then it hit me. I needed to flip the whole process. Instead of luring people into my art gallery with free beer and then trying to convince them to buy art, I should sell the beer and use my brewery as a vehicle to support and promote local artists and musicians.

$10,000 is a lot of money, but it's only .01% of the money I need to get the brewery up and running and survive the first couple years. So keep telling your friends and sharing the links I post on the Brenner Brewing Facebook page.

Potential investors constantly ask me if Milwaukeeans even wants another brewery. Even a $1 contribution is a Vote YES! See if you can convince a few of your friends to donate just $1. It would be a HUGE help. Thank You! Mike.

His kickstarter ends June 17th. Every $1 helps!

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