Monday, April 16, 2012

Milwaukee Pet Nanny

I met Rachel, the co-owner of Milwaukee Pet Nanny, a few years back, during a charity event. Being a lover of dogs, I thought it might be fun to follow along on a "normal" visit. Dooley, was her client that beautiful, sunny, spring morning, and in my neck of the woods.

Sometimes the owners want a 1/2 an hour visit, others an hour stay, which can include, walks, playtime, and treats or a feeding. They also provide over night stays. Rachel had just been with Dooley for a 2 week stay( that's a lot of walks & treats!).

After looking at their website, I told Rachel how impressed I was that her staff, besides loving dogs, are educated about dog behavior and spending time volunteering.

Need a sitter or walker? They cover Bayyview, East Side, Downtown Milwaukee, Waukesha, New Berlin, Oak Creek, Franklin, North Shore, and Wauwatosa areas.

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