Monday, February 13, 2012

Love, Like, Donate and pass it on!

Steph Davies, some of her artwork for sale
I want to give a shout out (do the kids still say that?) to a talented artist, great gal, and new art shop owner, Steph Davies. She is opening up shop in Shorewood, March 15th, The Waxwing.
I'm super jazzed about this art gallery & boutique.

The Waxwing is a store that will serve local artists:giving them a place to sell work & giving the community a place to buy cool art! My art goodies will be in this shop.

Learn more here-

And if you're feeling the need to support a wonderful artist, please donate to her shop. When you donate you also get original art of Steph's!
A win Win!

Love is in the air! Stamps from the post office.

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