Monday, January 23, 2012

Cartuna- Steve Wirtz- artist-sculptor

First off, I'm a sucker for anything sculpture, from mini-HUGE, up-cycled to shiny new, I heart it all (mostly).

I first came across Steve Wirtz's animated, playful, and beautiful, dog sculptures at Companion Art gallery. I happen to have my photography there as well. A great place for gifts for yourself or loved one(s).

It wasn't until I was at Discovery World, The Artisan Market, this past December, that I personally met him.
Steve has a funny & corny sense of humor which shows in his work. A super swell guy as well. We chatted about being a self- employed artists, and I asked a million questions about his craft. He is just as patient as he is swell!

I went to visit him in his studio last week to check out his art in progress. Check out more of his work around town and online! Dog and cat art.

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  1. Steve's work is the greatest! He can create anything doing anything. His golfing dogs are fantastic. Nice blog and great photography.