Monday, July 26, 2010

Start your bidding! Aug. 5th- Sept. 25th at Underwood Gallery

This was a first for me. I decoupaged one of my photo images onto a chair. Here are some of the behind the blood, sweat & tears pictures of the chair in progress. OK there was no blood or tears but I was sweating it a bit and a few swear words did fly.
I'm proud to say I'm the sponsor and creator of this relaxing Adirondack chair. It is being auctioned off ( silently- shhhhh!) for Wauwatosa's BID. Auction starts 8/2- 9/25. Sept. 25th is the final bidding day.

Start your bids at Underwood Gallery- 1430 Underwood Ave. 414-559-1063

BIG thanks to all the creative folks out there that answered my varnish questions! And all of my artist friends giving me encouragement! There is a very supportive art community here! Another HUGE thanks to friends Angie & Jon, who willingly gave up one half of their garage space so I could finish this piece. Oh and one more Thank-You to the lovely Stinky the bulldog for being a good subject!


  1. Great idea--great art! I'd love to see more work of this nature. Easy for me to say!

  2. OMG! That chair is beautiful-congratulations-I'm sure it will bring in a huge bid!!!!