Monday, April 5, 2010

fortunes, april gallery night and westside artwalk!

"Bright Future", "Adventure", and "Party" are mixed media pieces I created for MARN's Treasure Hunt Gallery night & day and the Westside artwalk. They are based on fortune cookie sayings and my dog portraits. This event features Milwaukee's top artists each donating their talent to create 25 pieces that will be for sell to help raise money for MARN( Milwaukee Artist Resource network). These prices are way below market prices ( prices $25-$75) ! So YOU are getting a steal (call the cops!) and that way you can collect more! OK back to the hunt. April 16th & 17th start at Broadway Bakery & Cafe 214 Broadway. There they will dish out all the details. You can find my art at Light Ideas Gallery in the Third Ward.Can't make it to gallery night? Don't worry your pretty little heads! Stop by the West side art walk at 7605 Harwood Ave., Wauwatosa April 23rd & 24th to collect some local art!