Monday, April 17, 2023


 Mary Mendla Fine Art I met Mary Mendla many years ago through Wisconsin Craft Not only is she a kind soul she's talented and shares her skills and knowledge with others thru teaching workshops. She's a painter, fiber artist, and apparel designer with a passion for sharing her expertise with others. Mary expresses her love for the land, especially wild spaces, in an abstract intuitive style in painting as well as in Shibori textile dyeing.

You can check out her art and meet her Free Range Art
May 6th & 7th, 10-4pm
6503 Pleasant Valley Rd, Grafton, WI

Monday, March 20, 2023

Women's History Month- honoring Erica Turner

 Shining a spotlight on women (WHM)....

Erica Turner: honest, passionate, social justice seeker, artist, and easy to talk to, a few words that describe her.
She's a nurse by trade and currently works in I.T ( also a smart cookie!)
I met Erica when I photographed her for Love Wisconsin.
She runs a podcast with co-host Heidi Wheeler called Bridge The Divide. She's incredibly easy to talk to and especially about race relations and issues.
Bridge the Divide is a grassroots effort that began in a small suburb of Milwaukee ( Cedarburg) They provide a forum for discussion and action around racial repair, reconstruction, and eventually, reconciliation. They're passionate advocates for treating all humanity with love and respect and hope that through education, proximity, and discussion, they can help foster empathy and decrease fear.
Erica and Heidi appeared in TIME Magazine( March 2020). Well deserved recognition! That's my head shot of Erica in Time!

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Hot Dogs, Cooler in the Shade

Well, that's my motto anyway. 

Good news, my photography business is open again! I'm happy to be outside at a safe distance from my subjects. It's still  fun & light. I'm just a little bit louder when I speak! ha

When B called me to set up the shoot she sent me a few pics of her beloveds, I decided on one of my favorite nearby places to do the shoot. They are outdoor people and I knew they'd love this spot. Rudy & Banjo seemed to be on board with this location as well. ;)  

It's a favorite spot because 1. It's beautiful 2. Nearby to most 3.The light is good in both morning and later afternoon/evening. That said, I love to scout out other locations to fit my client's needs. I have a variety of gems in my back pocket.

Monday, June 15, 2020

We Are In This Together

Continued THANKS to the front Line workers, that take care of our mental, emotional and physical health, provide good eats, keep us and our loved ones safe, stock the shelves, drive the trucks, keep the pipes clear, wear the masks (for 5 -14+ hours a day) and create art that inspires and uplifts our souls.... 

This is an on-going photo series I created with the help of Milwaukee artist, Fred Kaems's beautiful message, We Are In This Together. I used his mural as a background to my portraits of front line workers. If you are one or know of anyone that might want to be involved in this project, please have them contact me.

You aren't seeing double, Alicia Thee, works as a Milwaukee County bus driver, chef & owner of Tasteful Events, AND started a non-profit, A Loving Village, Inc. They help children, teens, and young adults who have lost a parent(s) to violence as well as at risk/troubled youth.

Karri, works for the women owned, The Real Good Life, meal delivery service. She delivers with a smile, made from scratch foods right to your door in the Milwaukee area. Similar to the big guys, but providing a local flair.

Stephanie Bartz Photography is NOW open for business. Let's talk about your photo needs.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Appreciation to Those on the Front Lines

My on-going photo series of honoring Front Line workers ....Giving thanks does not seem like enough or the right words exactly but honestly, it is sincere... 

Pictored above: photographed over the course of 2 months

Danita                  MCTS AKA City bus driver
Jim                       Anesthesiologist 
JoAnna                 Pediatric Dialysis Technician
Candis                  Internal Case Manager/VA
                             Program Specialist 
Eric                      Assistant Store Manager
Rebecca               Veterinarian & business owner
Libbby                  Certified nurse midwife 

This is just a start.....If you know or are a front line worker, contact me to set-up a time for a portrait.

The Guest House of Milwaukee provides shelter, housing, education, and services to Milwaukee's homeless who seek to transform their lives with dignity and purpose.

Community owned co-op in the Milwaukee area  

Low stress,in-home vet care

Artist for hire and follow Fred

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Giving Thanks to Those on the Front Lines

This photo series, which is on-going, came about after wondering what could I do or how could I help during this time? One way was to use my medium, and create portraits as a small gesture to say Thank You to them and others. 

 We Are in This Together.  After seeing this mural on my friend, Ryan's fb post with his sweet boys, I started to follow this artist, Fred_the artist, on Instagram. His art, which is inspiring and beautiful, is all around the city. I met him after one morning of photographing others at the mural. He couldn't be a more thoughtful and kind human being. 

Sometimes my process is slow in thought, but then once I'm into something I jump into action.
I put out calls on social media looking for people on the front lines. My people came through with names and contacts.

This is just a start.....If you know or are a front line worker, contact me to set-up a time for a portrait. 

Pictured above:

Kathy                   Registered Nurse 
Bob                      Hospice care worker
Jordan                  Grocery Store worker 
                            Metcalfe's Market and h.s
Wendy                  EMT for Germantown and
                            Menomonee Falls plus her full
                            time job
J.T                        Plumber/Owner  J.T's Repair
Fred Kaems           Artist

Artist for hire and follow Fred here

In need of marketing, Ryan Thompson,
might be of service.

THANK YOU to all that have helped me on this personal project!

*Fun Fact* these are created on mornings throughout the week/weekend. There was one morning that it was "snowing." Ha! I love Wisconsin's seasons!💓