Monday, March 16, 2020

Rox Art MKE

      This portrait is 4 friends ( Laura, Mary Beth, Rox, and myself) 
      A collaboration with Rox and I.

Meet Roxane Mayeur. She's a mixed media artist working in painting, printmaking, collage and encasutic. Oh and she can weld too! That's how I originally met this multi-talented, kind soul,witty humored, likable and lovable beautiful human being I now call friend. Oh right, back to the welding. I saw her metal sculptures (and bought one) at an Art Show in Bayview at a Bowling Alley. That's how we roll here in Wisconsin. 

The above are samples of her encaustic pieces (fused beeswax and resin). They're even more incredible in person. 

Questions I had recently asked her. 

What inspires me moment to moment? I can be inspired by a lyric in a song or a line in a poem, rust on the side of a building, an overheard conversation, a path in the woods, a memory or a dream... you get the idea. I find it easiest to stay inspired when I work outside in the open air and sunshine.

Winter is a bit of a challenge for me creatively and emotionally. During the "dark days" when my focus is limited. I tend to work more wit technique and experimentation until the images begin to appear.

As for what's in my fridge... I wound't advise looking in there.

Rox has her art hanging at The Muse Gallery Guesthouse in Bayview thru the end of the year.  We will be co-hosting an Art show in June at Gallery 2622 in Wauwatosa. 

In the meantime you can view her art here

A BIG thanks to Greyhouse Creative for use of their studio/work space.

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